Meeting Minutes – July 9, 2014

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

I. Announcements

There will be no SAA Student Chapter meeting next month (August). We will resume with the fall term in September.

Bring BIG Event ideas in the fall so we can begin planning for events to host spring term 2015.

There is still time to register for the SAA Conference; the student price is available until July 17.

II. Archivist Certification

Ihar raised the question of ACA (Academy of Certified Archivists) Certification, something we might work on together and/or explore as a chapter.

Ideas included:

  • Inviting a speaker (exam proctor?) to talk about certification
  • Hosting a discussion on its usefulness/value/necessity with and without an MLIS degree, differing perspectives and advantages of both
  • Possibility of organizing an independent study for those preparing for certification

Certification Requirements:

  • Master’s degree including 9 semester hours of graduate archival administration + 1 year qualifying experience OR
  • Master’s degree without archival administration concentration + 2 years qualifying experience OR
  • Provisional: Master’s degree including 9 semester hours of graduate archival administration, but lacking 1 year of qualifying experience

Applications for the exam are due by May 15 and cost $52 (same as annual dues ­ $50 if not processed online). Those who successfully complete the examination and meet all other qualifications must pay a one-time $150 certification fee.

CAs must recertify every five years either by re­taking the exam or submitting a petition based on points earned through professional experience, continuing education, attendance at meetings, workshops, presentations, etc. There is no cost for recertification beyond annual dues. A copy of the ACA Handbook is available online at­content/uploads/2013/07/handbook.pdf.

III. Events – Digitization Panel

Attendees discussed our proposed panel on digitization to be held in the fall. Possible panelists to invite include members of TCART, Rev. Columba Stewart, Wayne Torborg or other staff from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Jan Price of the Metropolitan Council/Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online, a representative of the Records Management side of digitization projects (e.g. Janice Butler from Gopher Resource).

IV. Miscellaneous

Before next meeting, Laura will send templates of our student chapter bookmarks for feedback. These will be handed out to new students at the beginning of the term.

It was determined that the bookmark printing costs are minimal, and no vote is required for those funds to be disbursed.

Chapter members are encouraged to follow the Archives & Archivists list through SAA and #thatdarnlist on Twitter for some Real Talk.

A brief discussion of mascots, emblems and slogans for our student chapter, to be resumed when more members are in attendance.

V. Next Meeting: TBD, September 2014.


  • Welcome new recruits!
  • SAA Conference debriefing from those who were able to attend
  • Preparations for digitization panel
  • Planning for smaller events fall term and BIG Events spring term

In attendance:

Jessica Faucher
Andrea Hoff
Laura Hulscher
Ihar Labacevich
Allison Spies
Stewart Van Cleve