Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2016

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:13 PM by SAA chapter president Sara Butterfass.

Reading of previous minutes and treasurer’s report

  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting on July 11, 2016.
  • Treasurer’s report: Update on current funds; no expenditures last semester. The disbursement from SGO will happen in October.

Old Business

  • SAA national conference took place last week. Deb Torres was the only attendee from the group, but was not present to provide any updates.

New Business

Fall Orientation
  • August 27th, Fall 2017 MLIS orientation begins at 11am.
  • David will be there; Heather and Zach are maybe.
  • Tour event to promote: An hour before the first meeting of the year, on September 12, tour of the library and archives. Zach and Heather will coordinate on printing promotional materials.
  • Need to find out how many incoming students will be there; Sara will email Janis in the MLIS office to find out an exact number.
  • Sara will perform an inventory of our orientation materials next week. Between now and the 27th, come up with any ideas for new items before Fall Orientation.
WARM Project
  • SOPHIA and the Digital Commons may end up being the ultimate home for the collection. The tradeoff is that while it will be more searchable through Google, it will not be in DPLA. Heather is going to rewrite the project proposal and circle back with all known contributors.
  • Possibility of additionally hosting the collection through the SCU Art Department.
  • Pat Olson gave Heather some catalogs from gallery presentations with improved rights statements that we can use. Contentdm requires us to use one one rights statement across the board.
  • May be able to resume work on project next week (possibly 8/16/2016) on gathering contributor data, contingent on schedules.
  • Sara has reached out to other student group leaders about fall semester bowling kick-off event, but no responses.
SAA WordPress Site
  • Main pages have been created, minutes and officer info has been uploaded, we just need content for pages.
  • Content wish list:
    • Publishing a calendar (possibly through St Kate’s SAA Gmail account).
    • Archive of pictures from past tours and events… possibly link to Instagram page. Zach will set up Instagram account; details to follow.
    • Resources page with info and links to internships, scholarships, archival societies, etc. Possibly reach out to Ted Hathaway?
    • Map of places where current and past students have done internships, currently working, etc.
    • Helpful links to resources at St. Kate’s, etc.
    • Links to jobs resources, links.
    • Featured members interviews (as blog posts), pieces written by student members, cross-posting relevant articles from archival organizations and societies, updates from archivists (e.g., Molly, Ted) about their projects, interviews with alums/faculty, promoting student projects.
  • Goals by August 20th:
    • Mission statement and blurb for the home page
    • Content from SAA for “About” page on definition of archives
    • Posting Gmail address somewhere for people to “get involved.”
    • Content from old website: Sara will try to obtain a copy of content from the old SAA page from the SCU webmaster, including the SAA constitution
    • Sara will reach out to either Deb Greeley or Deb Torres about an interview piece. Upload Deb Eschweiler’s video from Intro to Archives.
  • Initial future blog posts:
    • Feature an interview with Molly Hazleton.
    • Biography of Margaret Cross Norton (David to write).
    • Blog post about the other student groups.
    • Newsworthy section
    • Results of SAA annual meeting, changing of EAD to EAS
Fall Events
  • St. Kate’s Archives tour, September 12, 5:00 PM
  • Archivist 101 panel in October
  • More tours in November
  • Alumni happy hour/end of semester gathering in December (the 17th?) (last day of classes December 14th). Theme of “celebrate the old”: show an old movie?


  • Next meeting on September 12, 6:00 PM

Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM

Members present

Sara Butterfass, president
Heather Carroll, vice-president
David Norris, secretary
Deb Eschweiler, treasurer
Zach Jansen, media relations officer
Kristell Benson, SGO liaison
Sarah Potvin