Meeting Minutes – May 9, 2016

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by incoming SAA chapter president Sara Butterfass.

Old Business

1. Elections for officers for 2016-2017

Elections for new officers took place online from May 1-8. The following officers were elected:

  • President: Sara Butterfass
  • Vice-president: Heather Carroll
  • Treasurer: Deb Eschweiler
  • Secretary: David Norris
  • Media Relations Officer: Zach Jensen
2. SGO Updates – Kristell Benson
  • After the last meeting, no changes to the reimbursement policy.
  • This was the last meeting to submit receipts and reimbursement applications.
  • ALA is having an informal gathering at Sea Salt on May 15th .

New Business

  1. Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM) – Heather Carroll
    • The project is moving forward, but the only holdup is the Visual Arts Building
    • Verbal confirmation from Deb Kloiber that she’s going to take on the collection, and that we can use SCU archives resources.
  2. Fundraising
    • A more focused conversation needs to take place about fundraising goals and projects.

  3. Summer meetings and events
    • Second Mondays from June-August still tentatively works for everyone.

  4. Upcoming Events
    • The Historically Accurate Costume Party is on Saturday, May 14th at 7pm.
    • The TCART Spring Meeting is coming up on June 14th from 10am – 5pm at the Blake Upper School in Minneapolis.
    • Registration is now open for the 2016 SAA conference in Atlanta, GA from July 31-August 6.


Meeting adjourned at 6:25pm

Next meeting is scheduled for July 11, 2016 at Tiffany Sports Lounge at 6pm.


Members present

Sara Butterfass, president (incoming)
Heather Carroll, vice-president (incoming)
David Norris, secretary
Deb Eschweiler, treasurer (incoming)
Zach Jansen, media relations officer (incoming)
Kristell Benson, SGO liaison
Natasha Bruns
Hayley Coble
Sarah Potvin
Ashley Skwiera