Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2016

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by SAA chapter president Jessica Faucher.

1. SGO Updates – Kristell Benson

  • There is still a significant amount of funds available for reimbursement, so students should apply if they are attending conferences or have other eligible expenses.
    • The form is available on the SGO WordPress site.
    • There was discussion of setting a lifetime cap on how much students can be reimbursed, but decision was reached to not do that.
  • SGO elections are coming up. Nominations will be accepted from now through April 19th, with voting on the 19th.
  • There are links in the minutes to student curriculum committee and results of the course enrollment survey. No GSAB updates, as that group has not met this month.

2. Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM) Project – Heather Carroll

  • While we still need the permission of Deborah Kloiber in the archives to contribute the digital copies in the St. Kate’s collection, it doesn’t look like we will have to involve Minnesota Digital Library and instead go to Digital Public Library of America via the CLIC consortium. We could contribute directly to MDL if a high enough of contributors grant permissions.
  • A permissions letter has been drafted to send to contributors. The sending and gathering of contributor data would go quickly with several volunteers.
  • Work could begin immediately in the VRL, potentially on Monday evenings for a few hours. Heather will make herself whenever people are available to help.

3. Recovery of constitution from the archives and elections information

  • Jessica was able to recover the constitution from the old website with the help of the campus webmaster. According to the constitution, elections of officers are to take place in the middle of the spring semester, with the terms of elected officers to take effect the following fall semester.
  • Jessica made a motion to clarify in the constitution that terms are for one academic year, to be re-elected each year. The motion passed.
  • Elections for 2016-2017, will take place at the next meeting on May 9th. Send nominations or intention to run for an office to Jessica before the meeting date. Offices include: president,

4. Smashburger Fundraiser

  • Smashburger is still interested to move forward, with a date still to be determined. April 19th was proposed, with an alternative date during finals week (May 17th?).
  • Heather is going to contact when the regional manager is in the store (April 12) to discuss and solidify details.

5. Historically Accurate Costume Party

  • Event last year was held at the Library Bar. Securing the space there was expensive, so we’d need to research alternative locations. There was no preference expressed for a venue in either Minneapolis or Saint Paul.
  • May 14th was proposed for the date, in the evening after the last Saturday class.
  • Funds are available to put towards appetizers.
  • Jessica will start working on marketing materials now to put up ASAP.

6. Summer Meetings

  • Overall, interest was expressed in continuing to meet over the summer.
  • Last year, Deb Torres spoke to the group in the summer about attending the annual SAA conference.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm

Next meeting scheduled for May 9th, 2016 at 6pm


Members present

Jessica Faucher, president
Sara Butterfass, vice-president
David Norris, secretary
Kristell Benson, SGO liaison
Natasha Bruns
Hayley Coble
Deb Eschweiler
Sarah Potvin
Ashley Skwiera
Deb Torres