Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2016

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by SAA chapter president Jessica Faucher.

Old Business

1. Administration Details

As of meeting time, the new St. Kate’s website is down, including all MLIS pages along with the SAA content. Everything is archived, but no updates on when the site or the intranet content might be up/available again.

2. SGO updates – Kristell Benson
  • There are new Facebook (closed) and LinkedIn groups for current students and alums, for program discussions and job postings.
  • Still looking for a student to fill the IT coordinator role that Nick formerly held in the interim. Deb Torres updated the group that the hiring committee is reviewing applications for a full-time candidate.
3. Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) Updates – Kristell and Deb Eschweiler
  • Some students have experienced timeliness issues with obtaining transcripts in order to apply for scholarships.
  • Hours for the bookstore are not always convenient for graduate students who work full-time off-campus. Students need a conduit through which to express concerns and needs.

New Business

1. Official St. Kate’s SAA email

Jessica can’t figure out how to change the name of the official email to St. Kate’s SAA so that there’s no risk of emails being confused with SAA national.

2. Fundraising Subcommittee
  • Limited progress on development, but the plan is to set an event date in April. Possibility of setting up a walking tour on the way to Smashburger?
  • Ranham Bowling: On hold for now.
3. Spring Semester Events
  • The tour of the Target Archives took place on Friday, March 11th at noon. Michele Pollard wasn’t able to be flexible on hours so that impacted how many students were able to attend, but Jessica felt that it was a good event.
  • On March 21st, SAA and PLG are partnering with East Side Freedom Library to promote their Hmong collection in the wider library community, and possibly offer cataloging support. There will be a pizza party.
  • On April 4th at 6:15pm SAA is hosting a resume/cover letter workshop and panel. The panel will run until 7pm with Molly Hazelton, Deb Torres, and Nick Duncan, and then there will be 10-minute consultation slots students can sign up for. Everyone is encouraged to bring materials and questions. Having food and drink on hand would be a good idea. There is also a need for a panel mediator.
  • Archivist Speed Dating is on hold until next semester.
  • Historically Accurate Costume Party is still on the docket for May. Should start planning for that ASAP.
4. Marketing Materials
  • The posters are up for the Preserve Your Sanity Happy Hour.
  • Jessica mocked up a SAA-themed PowerPoint slide for faculty to present in their classes at the beginning of the semester.
  • Deb Torres is the temporary office liaison for departmental printing.
5. Community Outreach Projects
  • Liz Reppe at the MN State Law Library has not responded to the SAA chapter about the as-yet undefined project.
  • The Warroad Historical Society project is still in development but questions remain about how to move forward. The size of the collection is still uncertain, and there may be an underlying issue with whether this would be a community outreach project or constitute an internship.
  • No updates on the Women’s Art Institute project. SOPHIA has expressed interest in housing one of the digital copies of the collection in their repository.
  • East Side Freedom Library interested in students processing the Hmong collection. Possibility here for partnering with the Hmong women’s student group. Sarah Park Dahlen is their faculty advisor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Next meeting scheduled for April 11, 2016 at 6pm.

Members present

Jessica Faucher, president
David Norris, secretary
Kristell Benson, SGO liaison
Natasha Bruns
Hayley Coble
Deb Eschweiler
Sarah Potvin
Ashley Skwiera
Deb Torres