Meeting Minutes – February 8, 2016

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by SAA chapter president Jessica Faucher.

Old Business

  1. Annual Report was successfully submitted to SAA. The Annual Report has to be submitted every year to SAA by January 1st.
  2. Elections:
    • Jessica made a motion to make the SGO Liaison an official position. Erin Leu seconded, and the motion passed.
    • Vice President: Sara Butterfass and Chayse Sundt were running for office.
    • A secret ballot vote was taken, and Sara Butterfass was elected the Vice President.
  3. Fundraising Subcommittee (Heather Carroll).
    • Of the 43 businesses that were contacted, Smashburger and RanHam Bowling Center are the best options for fundraising opportunities this semester. The FC will follow up with these businesses and pursue next steps.
    • With Smashburger, we would have to set a date for the fundraiser and invest in marketing and promotion soon. A Saturday date in April was proposed, but the FC will would need look into date restrictions and availability at the venue.
    • Heather did talk to administration about guidelines for uses of funds, and barring any existing university restrictions, there are few limits. One possible use was reimbursing students for SAA dues and conference registration.

New Business

  1. Spring Semester Events
    • Edwin Schenk addressed the group about PLG’s partnering with the East Side Freedom Library this semester to help promote their Hmong collection in the wider library community, and possibly provide some cataloging support for building their catalog. They are hosting a tour and film viewing on February 15th and 16th at 6pm.
    • A tour of the Target Archives was proposed for a March SAA event. March 7th and 12th were proposed as possible dates, and Jessica will ask Molly to follow up with her contacts at Target to see if either of those dates work.
    • For an April event, a LIS-focused resume and interviewing workshop has been proposed. Molly Hazleton would be the workshop facilitator and Deb Torres offered to be a co-facilitator. Topics to cover could include cover letters, resumes, interviews, and phone/Skype interviews. A number of other professional archives contacts were suggested as individuals to reach out to. April 4th is proposed as a tentative date.
    • Archivist Speed Dating has been proposed in the past, but may need to be put on hold until next semester.
    • The Historically Accurate Costume Party was proposed again for a May/End-of semester event. This could be an annual event.
  2. Marketing Materials
    • We need more poster materials for the walls for greater community visibility.
    • Supplying a PowerPoint slide to faculty to present in their classes at the beginning could be a good promotional opportunity. Creating a SAA-branded poster template to plug details into would be easy. Heather volunteered to build one.
    • Deb Torres offered to be the temporary office liaison for departmental printing.
  3. Community Outreach Projects
    • Liz Reppe at the MN State Law Library contacted the SAA chapter about having a group or possibly a single student work on an as-yet undefined project.
    • The Warroad Historical Society is still interested in bringing a group of students up to help process their collection. The size of the collection is still unknown and that may be a factor in whether we move forward. There may be an issue with whether this would actually be a community outreach project or more constitute an internship.
    • The Women’s Art Institute is looking for help in digitizing their journals, as well as creating metadata. One issue may be in contacting the artists and contributors in securing permissions for digitizing the issues. SOPHIA has expressed interest in housing one of the digital copies of the collection in their repository.
  4. Jessica is going to change the name of the official email to St. Kate’s SAA so that there’s no risk of emails being confused with SAA national.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm

Next meeting scheduled for March 14, 2016

Members present

Jessica Faucher, president
Sara Butterfass, vice-president
David Norris, secretary
Erin Leu, treasurer
Kristell Benson, SGO liaison
Natasha Bruns
Heather Carroll
Hayley Coble
Deb Eschweiler
Eve Johnson
Edwin Schenk
Ashley Skwiera
Deb Torres