Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2015

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by SAA chapter president Jessica Faucher.

Old Business

  • SGO is looking for student-faculty liaisons. Talk to Samantha Stepp if interested.
  • SGO is also in the process of streamlining the conference reimbursement form, so it should be easier for anyone who has attended or plans to attend a conference to find and submit a form.
  • Reminder that registration for the Minnesota Archives Symposium on November 2nd from 11:45am – 5:00pm is now open! It’s free!
  • Molly Hazelton was unable to attend the meeting this evening, but she may soon have an update on the Warroad Historical Society project.



1. SGO SAA liaison: Kristell Benson nominated herself for the position. Jessica called for a vote and the nomination passed unanimously.

2. Upcoming events

  • Archives 101 panel
    • Date set for October 26th at 6pm in Whitby. We’re still waiting on the fourth panelist, but Erin volunteered to be moderator and timekeeper, and Anne Thayer will be taking pictures. Everyone should prepare two questions (open-ended is best) and submit them to Jessica by October 19th.
    • Marketing flyers and publicity: We need to provide twelve copies to media services—Crystal volunteered to mock up some flyers.
    • We will need people to bring food and snacks for the event. There are funds for reimbursement if people are willing to buy.
    • #Archives101 will be the official hashtag for the event.

  • November extended happy hour: Date set tentatively for Friday, November 13th in the evening, possibly in the Seven Corners area (Town Hall, Republic). Eve is going to contact her manager friend at Town Hall to see about optimal times and specials, and minimum charges. We’ll probably send out an e-vite. Will extend invite alumni, faculty, TCART and ARLIS members.
  • December event:
    1. Archivist speed dating. Schedule-wise, it looks like Mondays are full, so we’ll possibly move this event to J-Term or the Spring semester.
    2. Another possibility would be to join the SLA holiday party on December 7th. The event would have a charge, and there are funds available to sponsor a student. There will be a silent auction to raise funds to send a student to an SLA conference.

3. Fundraising Committee Update (Heather Carroll): The committee has brainstormed event ideas and discussed their inquiries into rules regarding fundraising. SGO, the Student Advancement Fund, and SEEK (Social Events and Experiences for Katies) are possible sources. It’s still unclear how much funds are in the St. Kate’s SAA account, so Erin will be following up with Bridget and Marty to get an actual number.

  • One priority they’ve identified is having funds available to help students with national membership dues or to send students to conferences to participate and present.
  • Having funds available to cover internship or travel for community partnership projects is also a priority.
  • Being able to sponsor or fund special projects is also important, and they have a growing list of these.
  • They’ll be sending out a survey to get an impression of the group’s priorities for how to use funds.


Members present

Jessica Faucher, president
Allison Spies, vice-president
David Norris, secretary
Erin Leu, treasurer
Anne Thayer, media relations officer
Kristell Benson, SGO Liaison
Lydia Arant
Sara Butterfuss
Heather Carroll
Hayley Coble
Eve Johnson
Thomas Keeler
Ashley Skwiera
Kate Thomson
Deb Torres