Meeting Minutes – July 6, 2015

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM by SAA chapter president Jessica Faucher.



1. Discussion about location for August 3rd meeting.

  • The suggestion was made to hold the meeting at a venue with karaoke or trivia:
    • Would be later in the evening
    • Need suggestions of venues
  • Jessica sending out survey to SAA members for ideas


2. Fall tour outing for new students.


3. Community partnership project.

  • Molly has contacted Mississippi Market, but hasn’t heard back from them.
  • This could be a great project for a small group.


4. Next meeting: August 3rd, 2015; location and time TBD.


Members present

  • Jessica Faucher, president
  • Allison Spies, vice-president
  • Andrea Hoff, outgoing president
  • Stewart van Cleve, outgoing vice-president
  • David Norris, incoming treasurer