Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2015

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

1. Debriefing of Dennis Meissner’s visit
  • Main takeaway was that if you’re going to get a certification, the most valuable one is the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS).
  • Allison Spies will be sharing her notes from the event.
  • Kate also offered to write a thank you note.
2. Officer elections for 2015-2016
  • The following members were elected to officer positions for next year:
    • President: Jessica Faucher
    • Vice Presidents: Alison Spies and Tyler Gardner
    • Secretary: David Norris
    • Treasurer: Erin Leu
    • Media Relations Officer: Anne Thayer
  • The opportunity for an SAA archivist position is still available. If you are interested in filling this role, let us know!
  • As a reminder, all officers must be a member of SAA National, and we encourage all other student members to join as well.
3. Upcoming Society of American Archivists National Conference:
  • Cleveland, OH, August 16­-22.
  • Members who went to the conference in DC last year offered testimonials about whether they found the conference beneficial. Kate mentioned this is where she met Dennis Meissner.
  • There is some interest in an information session with Deb Torres again. People found that helpful last year. A signup sheet was passed around for people interested in attending an info session. An email will be sent by Andrea to those who signed up about scheduling an info session.
4. Historically Accurate Costume Party
  • Held in place of the last meeting of the academic year
  • Need to find a venue. We will work on this via email in the next two weeks
  • All are welcome, and encouraged to dress up!
5. Last minute reminders
  • Andrea Hoff, please remember to do a presidential write up before the end of the year. Arrangements for your oil on canvas portrait will be made.
  • Kate would like us to wear white gloves at graduation for fun and whimsy, as well as to cement our reputation as being the most cult­ish student group on campus.

Members Present

Andrea Hoff, president
Stewart Van Cleve, vice-president
Kate McManus, secretary
Allison Spies, secretary
Kristell Benson
Natasha Burns
Allison Current
Katie Dierkes
Tyler Gardner
Luke Johnson
Joseph Larsen
Erin Leu
Joyce Lopez
David Norris
Rebecca Orozco
Ashley Skwiera
Mollie Hazelton, faculty advisor


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