Meeting Minutes -March 7, 2015

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

I. Announcements

Welcome to newcomers!

Stewart is new Archives Student Highlight – check him out on our website!

Also check out the new Archives Highlight of Kate’s on Lost in the Stacks & her article on the SNAP blog about the Red Wing pottery project!

Our next community partnership will be with Mississippi Market in June.

II. Spring Semester Event: A Talk with Dennis Meissner from MNHS

April 11 5:00 p.m. CdC 17 – some of us should try to get in early to set up?

Kate will be organizing questions for him. Questions to consider:

  • Jobs – comments on the current market, what he looks for in hiring, etc.
  • His career journey, education
  • Professional involvement – how he got involved in SAA national
  • Early archival project experiences
  • Mistakes you learned from
  • Worst thing you weeded/other regrets
  • Advantages to being a member
  • Community efforts to help each other out?
  • Available resources for archives – grants, funding ideas, human resources – who do you use?
  • Volunteers?
  • Paradigm shifts since he’s been at MHS, how has the field changed over the course of your career?
  • How has Minnesota Method changed that org, and do they use it?
  • Using it is a way to exploit cheaper labor?
  • What process do you use to appraise materials/acquisitions?
  • To what degree do you actually use Archives Theory?
  • Current projects working on, scope, how many?
  • What’s it like to be a famous archivist?
  • Gloves or no gloves?
  • Talk about outreach – how much time planning/programming?
  • Ideas about the future of EAC, where it’s heading, what the next innovation will be
  • 12 years after More Product, Less Process – where do we stand?
  • Thoughts/reactions to the Social Networks and Archival Context project?


  • Him getting here – Andrea or Kate will email directions and parking pass
  • Bring some snacks: Allison send email to ask for volunteer sign up
  • Graphic design skills – make flyer for next meeting: Crystal
  • Populations that are being missed

III. Costume party – Our last party of the year will be after our final meeting in May.

It was proposed that the party involve quality, historically accurate costumes. Andrea motioned to vote. Allison seconded; a majority voted in favor and the motion passed!

We are still considering venue ideas. Some that were considered:

  • Gastov’s (probably out because of recent costume scandal)
  • Landmark
  • Revisit W.A. Frost
  • Betty Danger’s Country Club NE – note that they do not take reservations except for members.
  • Anyone a member??

Any other suggestions are welcome.

IV. Election

It’s that time of year where we need to elect new officers. Please note that to hold an office position you must be a member of SAA national. See their membership info here. The student rate is $50 per year. Positions to be filled in our chapter include:

  1. President
  2. Vice-­president
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Media Relations Officer

Full descriptions of position roles and duties can be found under Article IV of our Constitution.

If you are interested in running for a position, send an email to Andrea before our next meeting.

This election will be for the next academic year (Fall & Spring semesters), but those graduating in December are still allowed to run as long as either someone else is either serving in tandem, lined up for spring, or we have another mid­term election.

V. Next meetings: April 11, May 9


Members Present

Andrea Hoff, president
Stewart Van Cleve, vice-president
Allison Spies, secretary
Cassandra Nelson, treasurer/SGO Liaison
Jessica Faucher, Media Relations Officer
Lydia Arant
Kristell Benson
Natasha Bruns
Allison Current
Katie Dierkes
Tyler Gardner
Luke Johnson
Thomas Keeler
Joseph Larsen
Erin Leu
Joyce Lopez
David Norris
Anne Thayer
Ashley Skwiera