Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2015

SAA Student Chapter St. Catherine University


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Topic 1: Recruitment

  • As so many of us are graduating, there’s a real concern about dwindling numbers­ especially since Molly is not teaching next semester, so the obvious route of doing meetings after her classes won’t work. We’re looking for ideas! Shelved ideas include face painting, photo booth, petting zoo, full on carnival. Other possibilities for later in the semester: a resume workshop or exciting initiation ceremony for newcomers.
  • Resolved ­> The next meeting (March 7th) is a pizza party/open house. Members are asked to announce the open house in their own classes and extend a welcoming invitation to all students. Molly will provide the pizza, Andrea will bring drinks and other supplies. Allison will bring Margaret Cross Norton.
  • Also suggested: a new student highlight (founding president exit interview?) to advertise the group on our website.

Topic 2: Red Wing Wrap Up

  • Over January, we completed our first Community Outreach project with Red Wing Pottery and Michelle Weisen. We processed about 8 boxes of archival material over the course of three weeks. Michelle said the Museum’s Board was very happy and grateful about the results of our effort. They are now working on building a vault to house the materials, and received the Red Wing Chamber of Commerce’s award for Best Business.
  • Congratulations to everyone involved!

Topic 3: Next Partnership:­ Mississippi Market?

  • The Mississippi Market, a local co­op, has a small collection (about four boxes) that they are hoping to get processed.
  • Perhaps this could be a summer project? To be revisited at a future meeting.

Topic 4: Events this Semester

  • Discussion moved from the Community outreach project(s) to events this semester. Apart from the Pizza Party in March, we were hoping for something in April. Instead of doing another panel, we thought a discussion on Leadership in Archives would be beneficial to the group. Dennis Meissner at MHS, who Kate met at SAA, had been proposed as a speaker to invite to talk about the archivist.
  • Resolved ­> Kate would send an email to Mr. Meissner to see if he would be interested and available sometime in April.

Topic 5: Calendar on the Website

  • Some discussion was made of the calendar function on the SAA chapter website. Most of us had no strong feelings one way or another.
  • Resolved ­> Keep it for now, but update it so it’s useful. Members are encouraged to propose archives-­related events to Jessica to be added to the calendar.

Topic 6: Certification questions

  • Andrea was wondering if it would be worth it to put together a panel on whether or not certification was useful. After a rousing discussion, we decided that perhaps an informal survey of any connections in the field might be more beneficial.
  • Resolved ­> Kate will come up with questions before the next meeting; other members can send suggested questions directly to Kate to be added to the survey.
  • After the survey results are in, Stewart will make a fun infographic & Jessica will tweet the infographic.
  • #notrealresearch

Topic 7: Announcements

  • Midwest Archives Conference­ Lexington, KY, May 6­9 (possibility of a group road trip)
  • TCART is sponsoring a Scholarship ­ see their website for more details


Next meeting: March 7, 2015, 5:00 ­ 6:00 p.m., Coeur de Catherine room 17.


Members Present

Andrea Hoff, president
Stewart Van Cleve, vice-president
Kate McManus, secretary
Allison Spies, secretary
Cassandra Nelson, treasurer/SGO liaison
Jessica Faucher, media relations officer
Emily Denny
Katie Dierkes
Luke Johnson
Joyce Lopez
Anne Thayer
Michelle Weisen
Molly Hazelton, faculty advisor