Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2014

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

I. Announcements

  • Joyce Lopez and Jessica Faucher working at the General Mills archives?
  • Reminder to renew membership with SAA!

II. Social Media

Members discussed the pros/cons of Twitter, Facebook and other social media services and the etiquette around posting through those sites to help define our web presence.

III. Events – Holiday Party

  • Possible locations for our final meeting of the semester and year­end holiday party were discussed.
  • The tavern in the historic W.A. Frost building in St. Paul was proposed, seconded and unanimously supported. Members will contribute to the fees for reserving a room if required.
  • Ideas for incorporating the Margaret Cross Norton theme were explored; Stewart and Allison volunteered as the decorating committee.
  • Andrea will send a paperless post invitation to MLIS office for distribution.

IV. Events – Next Semester

Members are encouraged to start brainstorming ideas for next semester & next year.

Proposed events include:

  • Panel to discuss archivist certification.
  • Invite Dennis Meissner, Head of Collections Management at MNHS, co­author of the pivotal “More Product, Less Process” and new SAA president-­elect to speak about leadership and broader involvement with the archival profession (e.g. call for volunteers for open positions at SAA).Perhaps also reach out to other student groups to open this up to additional speakers on similar topics outside of archives.
  • Electing a chapter archivist for our group, or proposing archivist services/assistance for other MLIS student groups.
  • Ambassadors to visit introductory classes to encourage new members to join us.
  • Graduation party for members completing the MLIS program.

V. SAA Annual Report

Our student chapter annual report is due to SAA in December. Kate, Andrea, and Laura will take charge of drafting and submitting the report.

VI. Marketing Material

Our promotional bookmarks should be delivered by early next week.

VII. Next Meeting: SAA Student Chapter Holiday Party!

December 13, 2014. 6:00 p.m. at W.A. Frost in St. Paul. All members and non­members alike are invited, and encouraged to bring friends.


Members Present

[No attendance taken at this meeting.]