Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2014

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University

I. Announcements

Recognition of officers elected for the next year

Those interested in attending the SAA Annual Meeting (August 10­16 in Washington, D.C.) should notify Andrea

MCAD’s Archive Fever at Northern Spark will be Saturday 6/14 from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Andrea will send an email with details on where to meet.

The TCART spring meeting was held May 22, 2014 at the Walker Art Center. A presentation was given on Scanning on Demand and digital archiving. SAA Student Chapter Members are encouraged to join TCART ­­ membership is only $10 for excellent informational, networking & funding opportunities.

II. General Business

Meeting Minutes: Secretaries shall have the minutes compiled and delivered to the Media Relations Officers within one week of the meeting date for posting to the website. To facilitate minute­taking, Andrea will send meeting agendas to the secretaries in advance of the meeting where possible.

III. Online Presence & Promotional Materials

Social Media: The group discussed possible social media platforms on which to build a presence for our SAA student chapter. It was proposed that we start with a Facebook page to communicate events, news, and student/archive highlights.

Website & Bulletin Board Content: The group would still like to continue to highlight one or two archivists/members and archives of interest each semester. These highlight profiles will be posted on the LIS lounge bulletin board and on the group website. Volunteers were taken for these highlights for next semester, but all are encouraged to contribute ideas and content for a more engaging web presence (e.g. photos, blog­style updates, archives­related news & events, alumnae updates, job posting resources, etc.)

Handouts: We would like to prepare an informational bookmark or other materials to distribute at the LIS new student orientation and in the Archives introductory class this fall. These might include descriptions of our mission, meeting & events schedule, and our web address.

We have a printing budget, and the LIS department office has materials on event planning.

IV. Events

It was proposed that each semester the SAA student chapter organize two events (one small & geared towards students/members; one larger to engage with professional archivist community) and one tour (possibly coordinate with SLA student group).

For the upcoming fall semester:

Proposed Tours (Stewart would be a good contact liaison for many possible sites):

  • Hennepin County Central Library in Minneapolis Hosmer Special Collections
  • Minnesota History Center/Gale Family Library Collection
  • Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota
  • Midwest Art Conservation Center at the MIA

Small Event

  • Digitization Panel/Roundtable in October

BIG Event. All SAA chapter members are asked to brainstorm ideas for next meeting, possibly by asking professional archivists we know what would interest them. Some ideas that were discussed:

  • Proposed project/activity at MCAD is not currently possible.
  • Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Conference in Savannah, GA October 8­11, 2014
  • Try to bring in a notable archivist speaker (National Archives? Aim high.)
  • Seminar/conference on conservation, including hands­on skill building
  • Local history conference to bring together local historians & historical archives personnel/resources
  • Some kind of archives exhibition

Recruitment Events. Possible ideas for events for new members:

  • Archives-related scavenger hunt/obstacle course/games
  • Movie night: Possibly “The Ninth Gate” for Halloween; attendees can dress as a favorite archives-related person


V. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 6:00 p.m. at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis

Lawn bowling to practice for possible future invitational with other LIS groups, bow­ties and/or pearls are encouraged but not required


  • Events planning: share & discuss BIG event ideas, assign tasks for other events above.

In attendance:

Andrea Hoff
Katie Warner
Allison Spies
Luke Johnson
Laura Hulscher
Stephanie Rosso
Stewart Van Cleve
Ihar Labacevich
Jessica Faucher
Becky Wolf