Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2014

SAA Student Chapter, St. Catherine University


  • Jobs: Tretter Collection has a job opening
  • Upcoming SAA meetings: April 26, May 10


  • Content posted on LIS bulletin board. Michelle added archives highlight.
  • Allison is student of the month: Katie is working on this.
  • New website is finished, thanks to Stephanie.
  • Chris is working on flyer for student chapter.

Ideas for website

  • Jobs list was suggested, but felt to be too much work.
  • Calendar of upcoming events related to archives.
  • Andrea: we need photos. Methods of uploading photos from a phone were discussed.
  • Steph: Instagram feed?

Andrea introduced us to the amazing SAA Student chapter website at UW­Madison, which has evidence of fun activities galore, most notably hedgehogs made from books. (Let’s get into this, guys!)

Activities brainstorming

  • Movie night
  • Book club
  • Craft night

Recruitment ideas

  • “Join us” tab on website
  • Orientation
  • We can discuss this further at the next meeting

Student group liaison

  • An intergroup gathering was suggested for the summer (Lawn bowling, picnic)
  • At some point the SAA student chapter needs to appoint an SGO liaison


  • The Midwest Archivists meet in Kansas City on April 24­26
  • The Annual SAA meeting will be held August 16 in Washington D.C.


The constitution was amended and a Media Relations Officer position added to the organization. The Media Relations officer will be in charge of updating the main website and keeping social media current, however communications with the SAA and the MLIS program will remain in the hands of the secretary.

Members in attendance

Andrea Hoff
Stephanie Rosso
Katie Warner
Molly Hazelton
Laura Hulscher
Michele Pollard
Teresa Tjepkes
Amelia Snetting
Jessica Faucher
Stewart Van Cleve
Catherine Kratochvil
Pati Hibbard
Ihar Labacevich
Allison Spies