Constitution of the Society of American Archivists, St. Catherine University Student Chapter

Article I: Title

The name of this organization shall be the Society of American Archivists, St. Catherine University Student Chapter.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To coordinate events related to archives and provide opportunities for professional development
  • To promote membership in Society of American Archivists
  • To promote communication between students and local professional organizations
  • To encourage participation in local and national professional archival events and conferences
  • To develop a mentorship program for students and professionals in the archival field
  • To create awareness in the student body about the archival profession
  • To provide opportunities for professional development
  • To develop and encourage interaction and collaboration with other student groups within the University
  • To provide a forum for students interested in the profession to share their experiences
  • To increase visibility to a broader community, e.g. youth, seniors

Section 2: The Society of American Archivists student chapter of St. Catherine University is affiliated with the Society of American Archivists (national organization), however, in accordance with St. Catherine University, the policies of the university supersede those of the national organization.

Article III: Membership

Section I: Membership in the organization shall be open to all students currently enrolled at St. Catherine University with an interest in the archival profession.

Section 2: Membership in the student chapter requires membership in the Society of American Archivists. There must be at least five members of the organization in good standing with the SAA in order to maintain status as a student chapter.

Section 3: There shall be no dues required for membership in this organization.

Section 4: Any membership disputes will be handled on a case­-by-­case basis at the discretion of the Board of Officers with the faculty advisor.

Section 5: Members must attend a minimum of one meeting per semester in order to retain membership in the student chapter.

Article IV: Officers and Advisors

Section 1: The Board of Officers for the organization shall consist of the President, Vice­ President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Relations Officer, and the Student Governance Organization (SGO) Liaison.

Section 2: Officer duties shall be as follows:

  • President: Preside at all meetings; serve as liaison between the SAA student chapter and the MLIS program; meet with the faculty advisor as necessary; represent the student chapter in all official communications outside the organization; submit the annual report to SAA.
  • Vice-­President: Assumes all duties of president in the latter’s absence; assist with various duties including event planning; submitting updated copies of Constitution to the SCA Office when any amendments are made.
  • Secretary: Responsible for all correspondence and record­keeping; record meeting minutes; handle organizational communication; keep track of membership information; work with Treasurer to create annual report.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for all financial matters; monitor bank account; file appropriate financial paper work/records; ensure that all of the organizations accounts are in good standing; work with Secretary to create annual report.
  • Media Relations Officer: Responsible for updating and maintaining the website, as well as online social media communications.
  • Student Governance Organization (SGO) Liaison: Attend SAA and SGO meetings and report back to both organizations on the events and happenings of the other; represent St. Catherine’s SAA chapter and their interests in SGO.

Section 3: Election of officers shall take place at the middle of the spring semester and terms of office shall be served the following academic year. Officers shall be elected by a majority of votes received. If necessary, a special election will be held in the fall to fill any unoccupied positions.

Section 4: The faculty advisor will be a member in good standing with SAA, will aid and advise the student chapter, and will act as a liaison with the SAA in matters regarding the organization. The faculty advisor shall be selected by the student chapter every August.

Section 5: If an officer does not fulfill the stated requirements, the officer may be removed from office by a majority vote at an emergency meeting. The officer would be notified in writing and be given the opportunity to speak before the vote. In the case of a Presidential vacancy, the Vice­-President shall assume the position. In the case of any other position vacancies, a special election will be held to fill the position.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1: Meetings shall be held regularly throughout the year, as deemed necessary. There shall be at least two meetings per semester.

Section 2: Meetings shall be called by the Board of Officers. Members shall be notified at least 5 days in advance of any special meetings.

Section 3: For proceedings to be valid, the minimum number of attendees present any meeting shall be three.

Article VI: Finances

Section 1: All expenditures must be approved by the Board of Officers before funds may be disbursed. The faculty advisor and the treasurer must sign all financial paperwork.

Section 2: An SGO Professional Development Reimbursement form and original receipts must be submitted before reimbursements can be issued.

Section 3: The SAA Student Chapter shall maintain an account with the St. Catherine University Business Office.

Article VII: Amendments and Ratification

Section 1: Amendments to this constitution shall be proposed in writing to the general membership of the organization and signed by at least 3 members of the organization. Amendments shall be voted on by all present and passed by a majority of votes.

Section 2: In order to be ratified, the constitution must be read and agreed upon by the entire membership.