SAA’s Heather Carroll wins award

Congratulations to SAA vice-president (and incoming 2017-2018 co-chair) Heather Carroll, who received a Student Leadership Award from the Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women on Wednesday, April 19. The award recognizes student leaders who have exemplified St. Kate’s leadership statement in individual or collaborative endeavors.

Heather was nominated by Deb Torres for her work with leading the SAA team digitization of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota journals. The WARM digitization project will make these journals accessible online, thus unlocking and preserving their legacy for future generations.

We are very proud of you, Heather!


September 2016 – Faculty Feature with Molly Hazelton

Name, title/position at St. Kate’s and what is your role in that position?
Molly Hazelton, Director of the Hilton Sisters Project and Adjunct Instructor, Archives. As the Director of the HSP, I do a fair amount of administrative work these days!

Where did you complete your MLIS (or similar) degree?
Simmons College, Boston, MA (2004 Graduate)

What drew you to a career in archives?
I was an undergraduate Sociology major/Classical Studies minor at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA; and took a Soc class that used the MHC Archives as a dataset. The then archivist at MHC – a wonderful man who is now the College Archivist at Dartmouth – saw that I had an interest/inclination towards archives and encouraged me to do an internship with him. The rest is history, and I enrolled at Simmons a year later!

How long have you worked in/with archives? Which archives have you worked in?
I have been an archivist for 12 years. I have worked at: the Mount Holyoke College Archives (MA), the Presidential Archives at the American College of Greece (Athens, Greece), the Alcoholics Anonymous Archives (NYC), and the Leo Baeck Archives (NYC) before coming to St. Kate’s 6 years ago.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had or artifact you’ve come across?
As a classical studies minor, it was a real pleasure to get to hold (with my bare hands) a red figure amphora (circa 400 BCE) when I was living abroad in Greece.

What is the best part of your job?
As an archivist, I love learning things that you might not find out otherwise. I am fascinated by people’s lives and their stories, and being an archivist allows me to learn so much!

Fun fact about yourself:
I know how to make real New York bagels from scratch!

Any advice for aspiring archivists?
Build your resume. Make connections. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to apply for something that is a little bit of a reach for you. You never know where it will take you!

February/March 2015 — Student Highlight: Stewart Van Cleve


Stewart Van Cleve: I’m from Starkville, Mississippi originally, but I’ve lived in Minneapolis for almost 20 years, with two years in Portland. I got a B.S. in Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota (2009) and a Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University (2013) in Oregon. I’m graduating from St. Kate’s this December.

St. Kate’s SAA: Where do you work?

Stewart: I currently work for Metro Transit’s Rail Division, which is responsible for operating and maintaining the light rail transit system.

St. Kate’s SAA: What is the title of your job?

Stewart: Library Science Intern.

St. Kate’s SAA: What are your duties?

Stewart: At first, I was tasked with cleaning up thousands of architectural drawings, product manuals, and maintenance reports. When I first started, the materials were in piles on the floor in a room that had been designated the “library.” I soon discovered that all of the documents were available electronically, and little of the printed material had any value to employees, who are primarily engineers. The paper copies were only being kept for historic purposes.

After some pretty intense weeding, I have archived most of the material using a customized filing system, and I’m now focused on organizing the electronic documents using an ECMS called Application Xtender, as well as creating a comprehensive records management program for the organization. The task is pretty immense­­—there are about 120,000 documents kept in the department I work for alone—­­so appraisal and project management are pretty key to the job.

St. Kate’s SAA: Best part of job?

Stewart: I’ve learned a lot about trains and engineering, something I never imagined that I would ever have exposure to. I’m happy that I can help the organization become more efficient and organized. I also get free rides on all of Metro Transit’s services; as an avid transit user, that’s a big deal!

St. Kate’s SAA: Most memorable moment/artifact?

Stewart: I’m in the process of migrating files to our ECMS, and I keep discovering bizarre documents and subfolders that were created by folks who didn’t understand the public nature of the drive.

One document that I found was just called “Questions for Endocrinologist” and it was at least ten years old. I definitely deleted that one.

St. Kate’s SAA: How did you get the job?

Stewart: I heard about it from someone else in the program, who heard about it from the MLIS Blog.

St. Kate’s SAA: Any other fun tidbits?

Stewart: I’m the author of Land of 10,000 Loves: A History of Queer Minnesota (University of Minnesota Press, 2012), and I recently published a case study with Kyle Parsons at the Minnesota Historical Society about a summer history program that connected high school students to LGBTQ History in Interpreting LGBT History at Museums and Historic Sites (ed. Susan Ferentinos, Rowman and Littlefield, 2014).

I also recently broke my glasses indulging in karaoke, one of my not-­so-­secret nocturnal pastimes. I think I was singing “Tell Him” by the Exciters at the time.

St. Kate’s SAA: Most memorable class so far at St. Kate’s?

Stewart: I definitely loved Molly Hazelton’s Project Management course, where we got to work with the amazing audiotape collection at the Walker. I’m equally excited for the Advanced Archives class, where we are working in the Clocktower Archives in Minneapolis City Hall. I discovered it when I was doing research for 10,000 Loves back in 2010; it’s an amazing space!

St. Kate’s SAA: Any job related or general advice for students/recent grads at St. Kate’s?

Stewart: Don’t be afraid of risks or rejection. Whenever you apply yourself to a job, a grant, or a fellowship, you are putting your name and your work out there, and influential people will see it and remember you. I’ve been rejected more times than I can count, but each application helped me build a name for myself.

I have also found that a good portion of getting a job, and keeping it, is being a good person to work with. When people are thinking of hiring you, part of the question they’re secretly asking themselves is: “Will I be able to stand this person for forty hours a week?”